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I am Bink Walstra, a young digital artist and web-developer from the Netherlands.

My otherworldly art captivates audiences around the world, while I create digital products that exceed my clients’ wishes. I am always in pursuit of improvement, that is why my journey unfolds as a continuous exploration.

My artistic style forms a captivating fusion of humanoid figures, abstract concepts, and procedural effects. The presence of the humanoid form serves as the foundation for all my artworks, establishing a sense of recognition and familiarity. This approach enables me to explore and comprehend complex abstract concepts, such as emotions, by expressing them through my distinctive character designs. Creating art becomes an avenue for me to channel thoughts and ideas into these humanoid figures, forming the essence of my artistic expression. Evoking emotions and imbuing my characters with profound meaning lie at the heart of my creative process.

My creativity also reaches into the web-development side. Where I use my creative skills to create digital products that exceed my clients’ wishes and my social skills to, advise and keep the process as smooth and transparent as possible. Working closely together towards creating the best possible product is an awesome experience.

Constantly learning, growing, and refining my work, I believe that the best is yet to come.


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