Embodiments of Me

Each individual should interpret my art in their own unique way. However, for me, these artworks symbolize the journey I have undertaken as an artist. Describing my personal journey is a challenge, so I allow my characters to convey it on my behalf. The initial character, “Curiosity,” represents the early stages of my artistic expedition. It signifies a period of exploration where I searched for my artistic style and experimented with various workflows. As a result, my art appeared raw and disjointed. The second character, “Alteration,” portrays the phase when I shifted my focus and honed my artistic skills. It was during this time that I discovered my distinctive style and developed a workflow that resonated with me as an artist. This stage laid the foundation for the art I create today. The third and final character, “Imperfect,” represents my current position. I strive to accept and embrace my limitations, understanding that my work does not have to be flawless or meet the lofty standards I set for myself. There is always room for growth and improvement, even when it may seem like progress is stagnant or constrained. I sincerely hope that you can find your own personal significance and interpretation within my art. Let us embark on this journey together, eagerly anticipating what the future holds and the new characters that may come to life.
I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with ArtInnovation for an exhibition where my artwork was showcased on a massive billboard. The scale of the billboard required the largest digital artwork I had ever created. It was an exhilarating experience, pushing the boundaries of my creativity and technical skills. The artwork commanded attention and allowed audiences to immerse themselves in my vision on a grand scale. It was a milestone in my career as a digital artist, expanding my horizons and reaching a wider audience.
Seeing my art showcased on a colossal 70-meter-wide billboard, capturing the attention of approximately one million daily passersby, was unreal.