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Fragments of Man

The Fragments of Man collection marked a significant milestone in my artistic journey as it became my debut release on OpenSea. At the time, I was immersing myself in the world of NFTs and exploring the direction I wished to pursue as an artist. Witnessing the first-ever sale of an NFT from this collection was an exhilarating experience that filled me with a profound sense of joy and accomplishment.
The creation of these characters involves the utilization of geometry nodes and mesh manipulation techniques within Blender. It was during the process of crafting these artworks that my current workflow began to take shape. The exploration and experimentation that occurred during their development laid the foundation for the techniques and approaches I employ in my artistic practice to this day.
I pushed the boundaries further by successfully implementing this technique into animated and looping sequences, as demonstrated below. Through meticulous experimentation and refinement, I unlocked the ability to bring these captivating characters to life in a mesmerizing and seamless loop. This breakthrough not only expanded the possibilities of my artistic expression but also enhanced the immersive experience for viewers, captivating them with a continuous visual narrative.